Bioadamant Lifetech Inc. 精金生技


About Us

Bioadamant Lifetech Inc is a dynamic and synergistic healthcare products distribution group based in Taiwan and has established sales branches throughout the East Asia. With more than 20 years dedication, we specialize in representing, registration, marketing and distributing all-imported pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements and nutraceutical raw materials in our region.

In 2013, Bioadamant was incorporated by merging two of its precursor companies established in 1992 that leading the market on its pharmaceutical and medical devices distribution services. We position ourselves as an all-rounded and conscience medical supplier around the Eastern and South Eastern Asian countries.

Our medical devices are primarily supplied by the top European firms mainly for orthopedic and dental implants, respiratory, investigation equipments, surgery devices, and advanced wound dressings.

The pharmaceuticals and food supplements pipeline products position in niche market such as innovated and specialty delivery forms aimed for chronic illnesses, immunity modulation, and maintaining the healthy lifestyles.

We distribute into the nation-wide tenders, private sales of the top hospitals, clinics, and selected pharmacies in our regions.

Rooted strongly in Taiwan, Bioadamant widely established its regional distributions into the neighboring countries: China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Our personnel and shareholders are medical doctors, financial and experienced marketing experts and aimed in providing high-end medical supplies affordably. We struggle to be a friendly, localized and patients & customers enterprises.

精金生技有限公司專注於具特色新穎藥品, 醫療器材, 保健食品, 保健食品原料之代理, 進口, 行銷共20餘年. 通路包括醫院, 診所及藥局等. 醫材產品以骨外科, 牙科植牙, 呼吸用, 手術用之各樣生技耗材, 及檢驗設備等為主. 創始生根於台灣, 立足於東亞各國.